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The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is an amazing place to walk and dogs are welcome. Lots of dogs have asked if they can come and stay with us so weíve put together some information so you can reassure your four-legged friend.
Q: My owners want to book your apartment but I donít like being left at home in kennels, can I come too?
A: Yes you can, we welcome dogs at Tŷ Haf and Tŷ Gaer, weíll even leave you a little treat for when you arrive.
Q: Thatís great, however are you going to charge my owners lots of extra money for them to bring me along?
A: No, we donít make any extra charge for dogs. There can be a bit more cleaning after having a doggy guest but we find that owners are very good at cleaning up after you.
Q: I see from the pictures that the apartment is surrounded by lots of land. It looks like a great place for me to run around and sniff out some rabbits but do I need to stay on the lead?
A: The apartment sits in 50 acres of grassland and you are allowed to explore all of it, however there are some steep cliffs and we would not want you to fall off the edge whilst chasing those rabbits so please be careful. There are also horses that wander around the land, they will usually ignore you but we do ask your owners to keep you close by and make sure you donít chase them (and they donít kick you!). If you walk just 150m from the apartment you are on the coastal path and you can walk your owners until they are exhausted!
Q: Is there a space where I can be outside on my own? There are some things you donít want an audience for.
A: Yes both Tŷ Haf and Tŷ Gaer are surrounded by a fence and you can be left outside alone. We just ask that your owners clean up after you which they will be used to doing anyway!
Q: My owners want to go for a meal, are there places that I can go with them?
A: Yes, Pembrokeshire is very dog friendly and lots of pubs will allow dogs in the bar (if not in the restaurant).
Q: What if they want to go out without me, can I be left on my own in the apartment?
A: Thatís something we donít allow, lots of dogs get upset when left alone in a strange place. We would make an exception if your owners bring a crate or cage and you are happy to be left in it.
There are also plenty of doggy daycare providers locally, please ask us for recommendations.
Q: It all sounds wonderful, how do I book?
A: Youíll have to ask your owners, but Iím sure if you give them one of your adorable looks they wonít be able to resist. Weíll look forward to seeing you!